SD-RED Remote Ethernet Devices: Plug and Play Connectivity for The Network Edge

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Find out about added features and connectivity options that respond to the demands of modern remote environments.

Businesses are currently facing a very challenging time as many have had to find solutions to allow their staff to work remotely or look for new ways to securely access and share data and applications.

Last month, we introduced two new Remote Ethernet Devices: Sophos SD-RED 20 and SD-RED 60. The new models come with a new name and add features and connectivity options to equip them for the demands of modern remote environments.

SD-RED models now have a modular expansion bay, the same as the SG/XG 125/135(w) desktop appliances, which can be used with the optional 3G/4G or Wi-Fi modules (already on the price list). Both models also have an SFP port which can be used with a 1 GE fiber transceiver. The existing VDSL2 SFP modem is not yet supported. Support will be added in a future software release.

Additionally, the SD-RED 60 has two Power-over-Ethernet ports with a maximum power output of 30W, which is ideal to power an APX access point or other PoE-powered device(s).

Model SD-RED 20 SD-RED 60
Maximum throughput 250 Mbps 850 Mbps
1 GE LAN interfaces 4
WAN ports 1 (shared with SFP) 2 (WAN1 shared with SFP)
SFP 1 (shared port with WAN) 1 (shared port with WAN1)
Power-over-Ethernet None 2 (total power 30W)
Other interfaces 2 x USB 3, 1 x Micro-USB
Modular bay 1
Optional modules Wi-Fi, 3G/4G
Warranty Five-year warranty, no extension possible
RED licensing Site-to site VPN is included in the base license, a Network Protection subscription is required for SD-RED device management
Support for SD-RED XG Firewall (SFOS): 17.5 MR 11, 18.0 MR 1
SG UTM: 9.7 MR 3

Building upon the same key principles as our highly successful legacy RED models, Sophos SD-RED offers a true ‘plug and play’ solution with zero-touch setup as an add-on to your Sophos XG Firewall or SG UTM deployments. SD-RED devices can be deployed in different ways. Most implementations, however, are in locations with no technical staff on-site where there is a requirement to backhaul encrypted traffic to a head office or other location. Deployments have included paint-mixing machines in DIY stores, wind turbines, construction sites, CNC machines, buses, CCTV (for example in park garages), and many more.

The new SD-RED models are designed to provide an attractive replacement for the legacy models in your renewal projects.

SD-RED 20 is the ideal replacement for the RED 15 (or even the EOL RED 10, if you still have customers using those). Add the Wi-Fi module or an APX access point and you have a great replacement for the RED 15w. The pricing for the SD-RED 20 is slightly higher than the previous entry-level RED models.

SD-RED 60 is the logical migration path for your RED 50 customers. The pricing for this model is lower than the legacy model.

We announced an end-of-sale date for RED 15 and 50 in June 2020, however, these models will only be sold for as long as stocks last and the actual final purchase date may be much earlier than the date we have announced and may vary by region.

SD-RED is a great solution to enhance your firewall deals and help customers securely connect their remote locations. To find out more about when you should position a small XG appliance in place of a RED/SD-RED, check out this blog post and watch the Remote VPN Options SophSkills recording from June 10.




Note: SD-RED models are not yet available in India.


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