Important Changes for Sophos UTM (SG) Customers from October 1, 2023

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Changes in MyUTM and ordering for you and your customers

We’re transforming our entire business operations to ensure we have best-in-class systems and processes to support our continued growth.

One aspect of our business systems transformation is to harmonize product licensing and improve many product-related processes. In addition to the changes which will be implemented for all products, there are some additional changes which are specific to Sophos UTM.

On October 1, 2023, we will:

  1. Discontinue certain MyUTM self-service functionality
  2. Stop support for non-aligned term end dates for features that were activated as part of a bundle
  3. Make a small adjustment to how Active/Active cluster renewals need to be ordered
  4. Stop providing license keys for standard renewals (updated license download via MyUTM)

All partners who have sold Sophos UTM (SG) should receive an email today. Customers will be informed in the coming days.

Please visit the Sophos Partner Portal where you can find

If you have additional questions, please reach out to your local Sophos distributor or sales contact.