July 30, 2021: Last Order Date for FullGuard/EnterpriseGuard for SFOS

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Get the latest information on the license transition

In early June, we informed all partners and customers about the final order date for the legacy license bundles for Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS) as part of the migration communications. This post provides the latest information on the license transition.

Last Time Buy for FullGuard, EnterpriseGuard, etc. for SFOS

With just a couple of weeks left until the end of the month, you only have until July 30, 2021, to place orders for the following SKUs for XG Series (or migrated SG Series) hardware, virtual and software appliances running SFOS:

  • FullGuard
  • FullGuard Plus
  • TotalProtect
  • TotalProtect Plus
  • EnterpriseGuard
  • EnterpriseGuard Plus
  • EnterpriseProtect
  • EnterpriseProtect Plus
  • Enhanced Plus Support (available via an Enhanced to Enhanced Plus upgrade only in the future)

There is no change for SG Series customers still running Sophos UTM, who can continue to purchase all of their existing SKUs, including bundles.


Check your quotes

We would encourage you to ensure that all quotes for business projected to close after July 30, 2021, and in particular all new quotes, are for Xstream Protection and Standard Protection only. The new SKUs are included on the latest 2.0 price list and have been quotable (and orderable) since July 1, 2021.

  • Orders for the previous bundles received after Jul-30 cannot be processed.


Review renewal opportunities

With the switch over to the new licensing scheme, you may want to review your renewal opportunities. Some customers could benefit from an earlier renewal of their existing license.



Your customer has an XG Series plus FullGuard with a renewal date of September 30, 2021

  • Option 1: they do nothing until renewal
    • Upon migration they get Xstream Protection plus Email and Web Server Protection (as individual subscriptions), all with a renewal date of Sep 30, 2021
    • This gives them Zero-Day Protection and Central Orchestration on top of what they already had but only until Sep 30, 2021
    • There are 3 assets to renew in September (if Email and Web Server are still required)
  • Option 2: they renew FullGuard now for a further 3 years – new renewal date is Sep 30, 2024.
    • Upon migration they get Xstream Protection plus Email and Web Server Protection, all with renewal dates of Sep 30, 2024
    • This gives them Zero-Day Protection and Central Orchestration on top of what they already had until Sep 30, 2024. 


License Migration

As previously communicated, we are planning to migrate all existing licenses for the above-mentioned SKUs to the new licensing scheme.

The purpose of the migration is to convert all existing bundles to one of the two new bundles (Xstream Protection or Standard Protection) plus additional à la carte subscriptions, if required.

The migration happens in our backend systems.

  • It does not require any input from the firewall admin
  • It does not change the firmware version running on the firewall
  • It does not change the remaining term/renewal date on any subscription
  • It does not remove any functionality for any customer

There is a short delay to the start of the migration process for termed licenses (non-MSP). This is due to an issue identified in the final test phase.

The migration is now expected to begin in early August, but once the exact schedule is clear, I will send out a dedicated post with all details and the planned dates for every region.

Watch out for further information in the next few days.