Sophos MDR and Sophos XDR Now Integrate with Veeam

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Detect and stop threats targeting business-critical backup data.

Organizations using Veeam Backup & Replication can now strengthen their defenses against ransomware with Sophos MDR and Sophos XDR. Read on to learn how Sophos’ new integration with Veeam delivers better visibility to detect and stop threats targeting backup data.


Threat actors were able to affect the backup repositories in 75% of ransomware attacks – Veeam 2023 Ransomware Trends Report


Backup and Recovery are integral parts of a holistic cybersecurity strategy. Adversaries attempt to tamper with backup solutions to prevent recovery from ransomware attacks – early detection of this malicious activity is critical.

Sophos’ new integration with Veeam seamlessly exchanges security information when a threat emerges, extending visibility to help detect, investigate, and respond to active attacks.


This powerful new partnership provides peace of mind that backup data is always available and protected, enabling organizations to detect threats, investigate suspicious activity, and ultimately recover data quickly. With Sophos and Veeam, organizations can ensure the integrity and availability of backups, reducing the risk of data loss due to malware, accidental deletion, internal security threats, and other data loss scenarios.

  • The Sophos MDR service provides 24/7 security monitoring, filters out redundant alerts, and investigates threats to Veeam environments, like attempts to delete backup repositories, disable multi-factor authentication, delete encryption passwords, and more.
  • Organizations using the Sophos XDR solution for in-house investigation and response can also integrate Veeam telemetry to identify potentially malicious activity, combined with threat detections from other sources in a single unified platform and console.

The Strongest Protection Against Ransomware Attacks

The Sophos XDR solution and the Sophos MDR service include industry leading CryptoGuard technology that universally detects and stops ransomware before it impacts customers’ systems, including new variants and local and remote encryption. Sophos’ superior prevention, detection, and response capabilities, combined with immutable backups and versioning provided by Veeam, ensure backup data remains secure and recoverable.

Start Selling Today

The new Veeam integration is available as an add-on subscription for Sophos MDR and Sophos XDR via a new ‘Backup and Recovery’ Integration Pack license.

By expanding your offerings to include Sophos MDR, you can deliver unparalleled cybersecurity outcomes to all your customers. For more information around Sophos MDR and a wealth of sales and marketing assets, please visit the Selling Sophos MDR page on the Sophos Partner Portal.