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How to use the Asset Library on the Sophos Partner Portal

The Asset Library is the backbone of the Sophos Partner Portal. Here, you can find thousands of pieces of helpful partner material, many of them available in several languages. This may sound quite daunting, but trust me, it’s not.

You can browse the partner portal for sales, marketing, or tech tools, for example, and the various pages covering these topics will point you directly to the assets in the Asset Library. This is where you will find pricing information, the latest sales promotions, sales tools, product resources, campaign materials, and so much more.

Don’t wait!  Request access to the partner portal, or just go ahead and log in at https://partners.sophos.com.

If you’re already familiar with Sophos resources and don’t need the extra guidance found on the portal pages, you can access the Asset Library directly. Once there, just follow the collections (i.e. folder) structure or search for specific files.

Watch this short video for a three-minute walkthrough of the Sophos Asset Library:

Or check out this guide, if you prefer to read text.


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